Smart. Flexible. Customized. Connected.

Invendiv provides automated shopping solutions to brick & mortar retailers, enhancing shopper convenience, boosting sales and reducing costs.

We integrate our own software and existing vending technology into retailer operations, creating new shopping experiences.


We provide solutions based on our SafeSale automated shopping system,
that displays, merchandises, promotes and dispenses all types and sizes of products.

By using SafeSale, brick and mortar retailers and brands can:

  • Protect and conveniently sell high-theft products
  • Extend store working hours and availability to 24/7
  • Expand their reach to new locations, easily and efficiently
  • Provide a click and collect option for key products

By using SafeSale, brick & mortar retailers and brands can create new and convenient shopping experiences for their customers;
ones that combine the benefits of an online-like experience, with the immediate gratification of getting the product now.

SafeSale is highly versatile, secure, friendly, and easy to operate. All system elements are managed remotely and connected by our cloud-based S/W platform to the retailer POS, payment, and inventory systems.



SafeSale Protect – Your Solution for High-Theft Product Categories

Shoplifting is out of control. Current protection solutions such as locked cabinets, manned counters, security tags or not having the category at all, are ineffective. They either don’t stop theft, and if they do, they create a lot of friction; leading to a significant loss of sales, inconvenience to the customer, and added operational and labor costs.

SafeSale Protect securely stocks, displays, promotes and distributes high-theft  products (such as spirits, cosmetics, electronics, vitamins…), of any type, size and shape.

  • It includes 2 major hardware components: an in-category service kiosk for product promotion and selection; and an automated dispensing unit storing the actual items, located near the exit, after checkout.
  • It is smart and managed through the cloud and connected to retailer IT systems.

SafeSale Protect in Action


Key Benefits

  • Prevents shoplifting
  • Reduces friction / customer inconvenience
  • Boosts category sales
  • Reduces handling, labor and security costs
  • Frees up staff to focus on sales/service
  • Frees up premium retail shelf space
  • Improves category management
  • Adds merchandising and promotional capabilities


SafeSale Extend – Your 24/7 “ATM” Store Extension

Customers today look for a convenient on-the-go shopping experience and would like to avoid entering the store for small purchases, for safety and time saving reasons. Retailers look to extend their service hours while avoiding the associated costs.

SafeSale Extend securely stocks, displays, promotes and vends the most common products (groceries, OTC drugs …) enabling customers to purchase them 24/7, in a convenient, immediate and “socially distant” way.

It can be placed like an ATM, within the store facing outwards or placed freestanding outside of the store. It is highly modular and can carry a  large variety  of products, of all shapes and sizes, refrigerated as well. It supports all payment types, and is connected to the retailer POS, payment, and product catalogue systems. It is easy to operate and can be managed and refilled by the store’s staff.

A click-and-collect option – The customer can order and pay online and collect their products from the SafeSale Extend system.

SafeSale Extend in Action

  • SafeSale Extend in Supermarkets

    SafeSale Extend in Supermarkets

  • SafeSale Extend in Drug Stores

    SafeSale Extend in Drug Stores

  • SafeSale Extend in Convenience Stores

    SafeSale Extend in Convenience Stores


Key Benefits

For the Customer:

  • Safe “socially distant” shopping
  • Quick, on-the-go service
  • 24/7 availability
  • Large product variety
  • Local, online, app user-interface

For the Retailer:

  • Adds a frictionless new service
  • Increases sales (after hours service)
  • Reduces dependency on labor
  • Enables Point of purchase promotions
  • Adds more retail space outside


SafeSale Expand – Your Automated Store in High-Traffic Locations

Many customers look for an on-the-go shopping experience; where they are, when their need arises, at their convenience.
Retailers need to get closer to customers, serving them in new locations, with new formats and services.  They need to expand their footprint with minimal additional labor, operational and real-estate costs.

SafeSale Expand is an automated mini-store that can be easily and cost effectively installed in new locations. It can serve existing retailers looking to expand their footprint, or new retailers looking to build a new fully automated retail chain.

SafeSale Expand is great for locations like transportation hubs, shopping malls, lobbies of large residential buildings, offices, hotels, hospitals, or campuses. It is highly modular and versatile and can merchandise and dispense all types of products, refrigerated as well. It can support a click-and-collect option, the customer can order and pay online and collect their products from the mini-store.

SafeSale Expand can also help brands and distributors to merchandise and sell their own products in existing retail stores, using the System as a store-within-a-store.

SafeSale Expand in Action

  • SafeSale Expand in Shopping Malls

    SafeSale Expand in Shopping Malls

  • SafeSale Expand in Hospitals

    SafeSale Expand in Hospitals

  • SafeSale Expand in Hotel Lobbies

    SafeSale Expand in Hotel Lobbies

  • SafeSale Expand as a store-within-a-store in Supermarkets/Retailers

    SafeSale Expand as a store-within-a-store in Supermarkets/Retailers


Key Benefits

  • Brings store to customers
  • Enables on-the-go consumption
  • Increases sales
  • Expands brand exposure
  • A quick and cost-effective set-up
  • Reduces dependency on labor
  • Unique and appealing merchandising
  • Enables Point of Purchase promotions

SafeSale System - Main Elements

The SafeSale system is comprised of different elements:

  • Automated dispensing unit – stocks, merchandises and dispenses the actual products
  • Self service kiosk – displays the products, provides info / ads / promos, enables product selection
  • Management Software – remote management of all elements, UI, products and activity data, reports …
  • User Apps for the Customer – enable product selection and purchasing
  • Retail Associate Apps – enable easy operation and stocking of the system
  • Integration to Retailer Systems – POS, product catalogues, inventory, payment systems
System Elemenets


SafeSale - Key Features

Versatile & Modular

  • All product types, sizes, shapes, temperature
  • Supports varying needs and capacity
  • Enables changes to planograms
  • Different optional add-on modules

Smart & Connected

  • Cloud based remote management
  • Fully configurable and programmable
  • Integration with retailer IT systems (POS, ERP …)
  • Data driven performance optimization

Customer & Retailer Friendly

  • Advanced user interface
  • Interactive product info
  • Attractive, brandable design
  • Easy to install and operate

Secure & Safe

  • Locked and protected
  • Vandal-proof
  • Product breakage proof
  • Outdoor proof

About Us

We bridge the vending and brick-and-mortar retail worlds, in a new and innovative way, creating value for retailers and brands. We do this by adding our software to existing vending technologies, creating new shopping experiences.

By integrating our solutions into retailer operations, we help solve retailers’ various customer facing/selling challenges. The solutions we sell are a combination of hardware, software, systems integration and services.

We serve some of the largest retail chains in Israel, global high tech companies, and are currently making inroads into the US market.

Invendiv was established in Israel in 2018. We bring deep understanding of retailer and shopper needs; expertise in vending technology, retail systems, and software; and years of global business making experience.


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