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Our unattended shopping solutions enable brick-and-mortar retailers enhance shoppers convenience and increase sales while reducing costs

Our Solution

SafeSale - Our solution for high-theft product categories

The average retailer loses between 1-3% of gross revenues to shrinkage, mostly due to theft.

Existing protection solutions such as locked cabinets, manned counters, security tags or not having the category at all, might reduce shrinkage, yet cause inconvenience to the customer, add operational costs and lead to a significant loss of sales.

SafeSale automated system, securely stocks, displays, promotes and vends high-theft / special handling products (alcohol, cosmetics, electronics, promotional giveaways …), of any type, size and shape.

SafeSale improves the customer experience, increase sales and reduce handling costs.

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Key Benefits

  • Minimizes shrinkage
  • No more time wasted (consumer and employees)
  • Category sales are boosted
  • Better shopper experience
  • Better category management
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Premium retail space is freed

The SafeSale System

  • Universal - dispenses all types, sizes and shapes of products, including very large items
  • Flexible - programmable robotic technology, easy to change planograms
  • Great UX – touchscreen with friendly UX, supports all payment options, supports promotions and advertising
  • Attractive display - Large glass front, attractive product layout, designed for brand-ability
  • Many interfaces - Barcode, PIN code, RFID, NFC, Store Membership Card, and others
  • Fully compatible with all store inventory systems and ERP software
  • Cloud Based - advanced remote management software
  • Easy to operate - flexible loading from both front and rear, FIFO stocking, few moving parts -ease to maintain …
  • Modular - comes in many sizes, can dynamically scale up
  • SafeSale for Spirits

    SafeSale for Spirits

  • SafeSale for Wines

    SafeSale for Wines

  • SafeSale for Cosmetics

    SafeSale for Cosmetics

About Us

Invendiv provides automated, unattended solutions to brick-and-mortar retailers that enhance shoppers’ experience and convenience, while reducing costs.

We have two major offerings:

SafeSale© - An automated in-store dispensing system that manages categories of high-theft items (Alcohol, Electronics, Cosmetics, Tobacco Products…) and promotional giveaways. Boosts sales, improves customer experience, and eliminates shrinkage.

SmartMart© - Automated Convenience Stores (ACS) at large residential complexes: 24/7, close to home, large variety, simple and secured. SmartMart combines elements of real-estate, retail, and technology, bringing value to landlords of complexes, retailers, and of course, the consumers/residents.

Our solutions are based on a state of the art, robotic, dispensing technology platform from Daint srl of Italy; with whom we have a strategic and exclusive relationship for America and Israel. Our systems are currently used by dozens of retailers across Europe and Israel.
We are located both in Israel and the US.


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