SafeSale Expand – Your Automated Store in High-Traffic Locations

Many customers look for an on-the-go shopping experience; where they are, when their need arises, at their convenience.
Retailers need to get closer to customers, serving them in new locations, with new formats and services.  They need to expand their footprint with minimal additional labor, operational and real-estate costs.

SafeSale Expand is an automated mini-store that can be easily and cost effectively installed in new locations. It can serve existing retailers looking to expand their footprint, or new retailers looking to build a new fully automated retail chain.

SafeSale Expand is great for locations like transportation hubs, shopping malls, lobbies of large residential buildings, offices, hotels, hospitals, or campuses. It is highly modular and versatile and can merchandise and dispense all types of products, refrigerated as well. It can support a click-and-collect option, the customer can order and pay online and collect their products from the mini-store.

SafeSale Expand can also help brands and specialty retailers to merchandise and sell their own products in existing retail stores, using the system as a store-within-a-store.