SafeSale Extend – Your 24/7 “ATM” Store Extension

Customers today look for a convenient on-the-go shopping experience and would like to avoid entering the store for small purchases, for safety and time saving reasons. Retailers look to extend their service hours while avoiding the associated costs.

SafeSale Extend securely stocks, displays, promotes and vends the most common products (groceries, OTC drugs …) enabling customers to purchase them 24/7, in a convenient, immediate and “socially distant” way.

It can be placed like an ATM, within the store facing outwards or placed freestanding outside of the store. It is highly modular and can carry a  large variety  of products, of all shapes and sizes, refrigerated as well. It supports all payment types, and is connected to the retailer POS, payment, and product catalogue systems. It is easy to operate and can be managed and refilled by the store’s staff.

A click-and-collect option – The customer can order and pay online and collect their products from the SafeSale Extend system.