SafeSale Protect – Your Solution for High-Theft Product Categories

Retail theft is out of control. Current physical protection solutions such as locked cabinets, manned counters, security tags or not having the category at all, are ineffective. These solutions don’t stop theft, and if they do, it is at the expense of the shoppers and employees time, leading to a significant loss of sales and additional operational costs.

SafeSale Protect is the optimal solution. It is a secure, automated and interactive display, merchandising and dispensing system for high-theft products such as cosmetics, spirits, electronic gadgets, vitamins…
It comprises 2 major elements:

  • A self-service kiosk, in category, for product promotion and selection
  • An automated dispensing unit, near store exit, for product pick-up after checkout

Safesale Protect is smart and managed through the cloud and can be connected to retailer IT systems.